Legend has it that thousands of years ago, the wise elders of the Nuragic civilization gathered in the sacred enclosure of the village of “Giara di Serri”. A vision had shaken their souls: in a short time, the Nuragic population would have undergone radical changes, which would have even led to their disappearance. So solemn moments of prayer and sacred rites followed, to protect the proof of their passage on earth and of the only writing that would have had an echo over the millennia: The Stones.
Those same stones, some of which were chosen and deliberately placed by the elders on the ridge of the Giara, as witnesses, waiting for someone ready to move them to bring history back to life.

The first stone


Three thousand years later, two young brothers loved to meet up and play in their favorite place, the bottom of the Giara di Serri, known as “Fund’e Caronas”.
One day it happened that, climbing on the ridge, the two children rolled some stones towards the valley floor and one of these in particular went to rest in the land where the family stable was located. After the initial dismay, the brothers quietly resumed playing, unaware of what would happen in the not too distant future.

Both grew up away from home, with the memory in mind and heart of those carefree games of their childhood, they found themselves in a particular moment of their lives to make choices. Driven by a strong feeling, almost like a mission, they decided to join forces and create a project that would tell the whole world about their roots, in an experiential journey through culture and tradition. The creation of a reality in which people could immerse themselves in an authentic context and live new experiences, to regenerate the spirit and feel good.
And so it was that starting from that stone that had fallen years earlier near their stable, the two children who had grown up began to realize the mission that the wise ancestors wanted to entrust to them thousands of years ago.
Stone by stone, with dedication and determination, Is Perdas was born.

Is Perdas


The stones, “IS PERDAS”, since the Nuragic era represent the essential and characteristic element for the construction of the millenary buildings, the Nuraghe.
Over time they have been used by various civilizations for the construction of the numerous dry stone walls that can still be admired today and which, together with the green mastic trees and the fragrant myrtles, outline the boundaries of the ancient Sardinian lands and guard precious ancient olive trees and vineyards.