According to a legend, many centuries ago, the wise elders of the ancient Nuragic civilization came together in the sacred enclosure of the village of “Giara di Serri”. They had been shaken by a powerful vision that foretold the radical changes that were to come, changes that could lead to the eventual disappearance of their people. To protect the evidence of their existence and the only form of writing that would endure for millennia, they held solemn moments of prayer and sacred rituals. They chose and intentionally placed specific stones on the ridge of the Giara, with the hope that one day, someone would come along and move them to bring history back to life. These stones are a testament to their legacy and await the touch of a worthy hand to reveal the secrets of their past.

The first stone


Three millennia later, in the heart of Sardinia, two brothers used to meet up and play in their favourite spot – the bottom of the Giara di Serri. Fondly known as “Fund’e Caronas”, the area was their sanctuary where they spent countless hours playing and having fun. However, one day, while climbing up the ridge, they accidentally dislodged some stones, which tumbled down towards the valley floor. One of these stones landed near the family stable, causing a momentary panic among the siblings. But, after the initial shock, they resumed their play, unaware of the significant impact that the event would have on their lives in the coming years.

As time passed, the brothers grew up away from home, but the memories of their childhood games remained etched in their hearts. As fate would have it, they found themselves at a crossroads in their lives, yearning to reconnect with their roots and heritage. Fueled by a deep sense of purpose, they joined forces and embarked on a mission to create a project that would showcase their culture and traditions to the world. Their vision was to provide a unique experiential journey that would allow people to immerse themselves in an authentic context, rejuvenate their spirits, and feel good.
Thus began the journey of Is Perdas – a project born from the stone that had fallen near their family stable years ago. The two brothers, who were now grown up, realised that they were chosen by their wise ancestors to carry forward their legacy. With unwavering dedication and determination, they started building Is Perdas, brick by brick, to create a reality where people could experience the true essence of their culture and traditions.

Is Perdas


For centuries, the majestic stones known as “IS PERDAS” have been a crucial element in the construction of the Nuraghe, ancient buildings of unparalleled beauty and historical significance dating back to the Nuragic era. These stones are not only a testament to the ingenuity of our ancestors but also a symbol of the enduring legacy of Sardinian culture.
Over the years, these stones have been used by many civilizations to create the dry stone walls that still grace our landscape today. These walls, along with the fragrant myrtles and verdant mastic trees, form the boundaries of our cherished ancient lands, home to some of the world’s finest olive trees and vineyards.
As you explore our beautiful region, take a moment to admire the intricate patterns and rich textures of these remarkable stones. They are a reminder of our shared history and the enduring beauty of our beloved Sardinia.