Sardinia ecotourism network


Today the Rete Ecoturismo Sardegna has 40 partner companies, spread throughout the region, among which the following stand out: tour operators, accommodation facilities, excursion guides, museums, archaeological sites and organizers of activities and experiences.

With passion, enthusiasm and professionalism they all cooperate to offer authentic experiences to live in Sardinia, made up of slow tourism, paths, traditions and much more.
while preserving the island’s heritage, ensuring its environmental, social and economic sustainability.

The first Ecotourism Network in Sardinia was born in 2019 from the meeting of entrepreneurs who have been working and committed to the issue of sustainability for years, the value at the basis of their activities.
In a short time, the network extends to an ever-increasing number of members and expands territorially from the coasts to the interior of the island.

For the members, being eco-sustainable means reducing the impact of your company on the environment, making choices capable of producing social and economic benefits for the communities of reference. This is a commitment that member companies have made since their establishment.

The common goal is to completely overturn the fate of the local economy, especially following the harsh pandemic and post-pandemic period, and to radically transform the idea of tourism in Sardinia, in order to protect the ecosystem by learning to respect it.

Graphics and logo of the Sardinia Ecotourism Network by Mara Damiani