The Is Perdas Kitchen

``è' coendu``

Sardinian cuisine is a simple and genuine philosophy of life, with local products that are offered according to the season. True and refined flavors, such as its sheep and goat cheeses, grilled meats and crispy bread, still made with the use of mother yeast on native wheat flours, such as the “Cappelli” wheat, which enhance its quality and taste. Or the extra virgin olive oil, with its golden color and intense taste, and the pasta made by the skilled hands of Sardinian women, who show and teach the secrets of their art to anyone who has the desire to learn through the various courses of a dedicated kitchen.

For reservations, please contact us by calling 347 061 7836 or WhatsApp message.

Authentic experience


Smells and aromas will accompany you in an itinerary of traditional smells and flavors to be discovered, starting with breakfast at zero km. You can taste the goodness of homemade desserts and homemade jams, the genuineness of yogurt and milk produced directly by the dairy, as well as ricottas, cheeses, local cured meats and much more. Lunches and dinners have real aromas and the raw materials chosen respect the tradition and seasonality of the territory, offering dishes from the past for each stage of the campaign. Authentic culinary experiences, such as malloreddus, culurgiones, su succu, spit-roasted suckling pig and stuffed chicken, and finally the typical desserts, mostly made with native and skillfully decorated almond paste, which will sweetly end a memorable meal.